It's Time for the Premier to Tell the Truth

February 5, 2024

In mid May, the Premier called the Greenbelt a scam, making it clear the Greenbelt is now under threat. He and his Ministers continue claiming we need to build housing on the Greenbelt and precious agricultural land.

What they don't say is that municipalities have already set aside enough land within their borders to build well over 2 million homes, far surpassing the 1.5 million housing units the Premier wants built by 2031.

Report after report verifies these facts (see below). There are a limited number of investment dollars, construction workers and building supplies. They should be directed to help developers succeed in building housing where people already live, in the municipalities that have the land ready for development.

Yet the Premier and his Ministers want to build housing far away on the Greenbelt and farmland.

We need your help to let people know we can solve Ontario's housing problems without sacrificing the Greenbelt and precious farmland. 


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-Report by planner Kevin Eby that shows over 2 million housing units can be built on land municipalities have set aside for housing

-Report by the Regional Planning Commissioners of Ontario showing over 1.2 million housing units are already in the municipal permitting process

-Report by the Alliance for a Liveable Ontario on the fatal blow proposed changes to planning laws will have on agriculture and the environment

-Joint statement by Ontario's key farm organizations on proposed changes to planning laws that will harm agriculture

-Interactive map by Environmental Defence that shows there is more than enough land to build new homes without touching the Greenbelt.