Welcome to The Alliance for a Liveable Ontario.

We are an Alliance of people and groups representing hundreds of thousands of Ontarians from many different sectors. We want to build a liveable Ontario and stop the Provincial Government policies that falsely claim they will solve the housing issues facing us, while harming our communities and undermining the protection of our farmland, natural areas and democratic institutions.

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Who We Are

We are 1,000+ individual members plus over 220 groups representing hundreds of thousands of Ontarians and the following stakeholder sectors: agriculture, urban planning, environment, housing affordability, tenants, neighbourhood associations, labour, healthcare, academia, businesses, and much more.

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Moving from Defence to Offence

This is going to be an important year for Ontario.

Last year, our collective efforts stopped the Province from damaging the Greenbelt and helped reverse plans to expand urban boundaries that would have destroyed even more precious farmland and natural areas.

In 2024, our goal is to build on our momentum and move from defence to offence.

This year our focus will be on solutions that truly address the housing crisis while building liveable communities that preserve natural areas and farmland.

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If you want to build a liveable Ontario and agree with our approach, please join us. We're non-partisan and open to anyone who shares our goals.

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Send our new Housing Survey to people between 18 and 35.

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Stop Bill 162!

In February 2024 the Province introduced Bill 162 which will once again push suburban sprawl and worsen the housing crisis. Learn what you can do.

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