We won the Battle. Now let's win the war.

September 28, 2023

On Thursday, September 21st we made history in Ontario.

Because of your efforts, the work of ALO groups and countless others, Premier Ford was forced to reverse his terrible Greenbelt land grab decision.

Make no mistake: this happened because we collectively convinced enough people to contact their MPPs and demand Premier Ford reverse his scandalous decision.

This is what happens when we work together and when we use our networks to reach out to our friends, families and neighbours. They listen to us, they trust us and they act. And that brings results.

But, as many others have already stated, the war isn’t over.

The Greenbelt land grab was just the most prominent example of disastrous and scandal-filled policies the Provincial Government has adopted. Once realized, these policies will turbocharge urban sprawl, destroy farmland and natural areas and worsen the housing crisis. From MZOs to Bill 23 to Highway 413/Bradford Bypass to the plan to eliminate the Growth Plan, these disastrous policies willl also promise huge profits for a small number of developers.

Now, we need to focus our efforts to undermine these terrible, scandalous policies and focus instead on building the housing we need where people want to live.

The good news is that we now know the recipe to succeed: rely on our relationships and networks to spread the word and inspire people to act. In the coming days we’ll be connecting with the many groups that are part of ALO to strategize and map out “next steps.”

Look for a new set of actions soon.

We won the Greenbelt battle. Now let’s win the war to build a liveable Ontario.