Stop Bill 162!

February 23, 2024

They're at it Again!

New Bill Pushes Sprawl and Worsens Housing Crisis.

On February 20th, the Province introduced Bill 162, the so-called "Get it Done" Act.

As expected, the proposed Bill once again pushes expensive and unnecessary suburban sprawl. What it doesn't do is direct limited housing construction resources and dollars to build the various types of affordable housing Ontarians need where they live. Rather, the Bill:

-forces municipalities to expand their urban boundaries and open up already scarce natural areas and farmland to development;
-incentivizes developers to invest scarce construction labour and materials in building bigger, more expensive homes far away from where people live;
-diverts precious public dollars towards building expensive public infrastructure into areas it's not needed. 

If adopted, this Bill will reduce the number of homes that can be built to meet our housing needs. 

Ontario needs government action to maximize housing output by building the diverse housing types Ontarians need at affordable prices within existing towns and cities.


We still have time to stop the Province from worsening the housing crisis with Bill 162. Here's how:

-Contact your MPP today and ask them to eliminate the parts of Bill 162 that expand urban boundaries (find your MPP by postal code here).
-Tell your friends, family and neigbhours that this new Bill will worsen the housing crisis and increase your property taxes. Then, send them the link to this page and ask them to contact their MPPs.