What's Next for ALO?

October 20, 2023

On Thursday, October 19 over 110 ALO members gathered virtually.

The evening began with inspiring presentations by David Crombie, Margaret Prophet and Tim Gray about why we won the Greenbelt battle and what's next.

Following a wonderful Q&A, the conversation turned to the next steps for the ALO.

Below is a summary of that discussion:

Franz Hartmann, ALO Coordinator, noted the "Democracy Saved the Greenbelt" sign seen at a September Greenbelt Victory rally in Vaughan. The sign nicely sums up what we accomplished and suggests that doing more democracy is the way foward.

To get the discussion going, Franz reminded participants about why ALO was created and what ALO "brings to the table":

Franz noted ALO will not replace or overshadow existing groups and networks. Rather, we want to act in ways that complement and amplify the work of our member groups and networks.

Next, we discussed ALO's near term priorities:

Then, we discussed our near term draft actions:

As Franz noted, ALO is all of us. So, he proposed the following actions people and groups can take right now: 

After a short Q&A about the proposed direction ALO is heading, participants were asked about whether they thought ALO is on the right path. Here is the question and the results:

The evening ended with Franz asking people to support ALO's work by making a tax deductible donation via ALO's charitable partner the Small Change Fund.