Heading the Wrong Way Webinar

May 2, 2024

The Province's proposed Bill 185 and changes to the Provincial Planning Statement will destroy farmland, natural areas and housing affordability. In this video expert planner Victor Doyle and farmer Mark Reusser explain why.


-Victor Doyle discusses the important provincial planning tools we've lost

- Victor Doyle discusses how Bill 185 and the PPS changes fit into the larger pro-sprawl agenda

-Mark Ressuer discusses Waterloo Region's successful approach to planning

-Mark Reusser discusses how Waterloo Region is a template for the rest of Ontario and how proposed provincial changes will undo decades of good planning

This is a "must see" for understanding what's at stake with the Province's new housing plans and why the Province is heading the wrong way.

You can view the Victor Doyle's presentation deck here.


Sign your name to a letter asking Premier Ford and other members of the Legislative Assembly to stop Bill 185 and proposed changes to the PPS.