Building Hope Webinar 3: Helping Secure Your Financial Future by Building Missing Middle Housing

February 5, 2024

Building missing middle housing isn't just something developers do. It's also something homeowners can do.

Imagine helping secure your own financial future by building an addition or laneway house or garden suite. You provide needed missing middle rental housing and the rent pays off the building costs.

Watch Monica E. Kuhn, Architect in conversation with ALO Coordinator Franz Hartmann about building missing middle housing. Monica has decades of experience helping homeowners design and build many different housing types. She designed Franz's laneway house (see below). This 35 minute video features a wide ranging chat about what's involved in turning an idea into a rental property. It's a must-see for anyone thinking about building on their property.


This laneway house was designed by Monica Kuhn for ALO Coordinator Franz Hartmann and his partner. To see more pictures, check out this Toronto Life article.