Building Hope Webinar 1: Where is the Land We Need for Housing?

February 5, 2024

Watch this accessible "talk show" format video featuring housing expert Cherise Burda and planning expert Kevin Eby. Using plain language they:

-debunk the Province's false claim we have no choice but to sacrifice farmland and natural areas in order to build the housing we need;

-reveal the type of homes people want;

-show we can easily build the housing we need in our existing towns and cities.

Watch the video here.

See Kevin Eby's slide deck here.

See Cherise Burda's slide deck here.

The Building Hope Webinar Series 

Part 1: The Housing Problem

Housing has become a big issue in every corner of the province. Almost everyone knows someone who can’t find a home with an affordable rent in a neighbourhood they want to live in, or someone who is having financial problems buying their first home, or someone who is experiencing real difficulties paying rent.

Bottom line: the housing challenges are real and require urgent action.

The Wrong Solution

The response by the Provincial Government has been extremely worrying. They’ve introduced and adopted legislation and regulations that fundamentally weaken planning and environmental laws and open up the Greenbelt, natural areas and farmland to development. In short, they’re turbo-charging urban sprawl. But these actions will not only harm the environment and farmers, they will do little to solve the housing challenges we face, especially for those most in need. 

So, it’s understandable many people feel hopeless and sad. 

On the Path Towards the Right Solution

The great news is that the housing solutions we need are all around us. They exist in communities across Ontario -as well as in other parts of Canada and the world. They are doable, real, practical and affordable. 

Which is why we created the Building Hope webinar series.  We want to:

  • give you hope and inspiration
  • connect you with others who care about housing
  • give you accessible information and tools about housing solutions that are relevant to your daily life 

This webinar features housing expert Cherise Burda and planner Kevin Eby who reveal that there is more than enough land set aside in existing towns and cities to build all the housing types we need and want.  

Watch it here.

Kevin Eby (Registered Planner, Former Director of Planning, Region of Waterloo discusses his recently published report and other data on land availability, and his experience building housing in downtown Kitchenener.

Cherise Burda (Executive Director, City Building, Toronto Metropolitan University) discusses the different types of housing Ontarians need and where to build it.