ACTION ALERT: Help Stop Fatal Blow to Agriculture and Environment

February 5, 2024

On April 6th, the Province proposed more destructive changes to provincial planning laws. On May 8th, our expert planning advisors finally finished their comprehensive review. Their conclusions are truly alarming: if implemented, the proposed changes will turbocharge sprawl therefore fatally harming Ontario's agricultural sector and environment. 

We've told the media and the public. Now we need to tell the Province there is widespread opposition to their proposed changes and that we want scarce resources and developer capacity to focus on building housing in existing towns and cities!

We'll be submitting our report as part of the formal Environmental Registry of Ontario consultation process. To make sure your name is on that submission, please endorse the report by June 5, 2023.  

UPDATE: In late May the Province announced it would extend the consultation period until August 4th. Please endorse the report by August 3, 2023.

Read the Report.

Endorse the Report.

What makes the Alliance special is that it brings together people from all walks of life to speak with one voice, when it is most needed. 

Please review this report now. Then, join other ALO members and groups here and endorse our analysis.